Remember Vine Star Wolftyla? Let's Talk About Her Movements in the Music Industry

Remember vine star Wolftyla? (RIP Vine & if u dont know what vine is you probably shouldnt b reading this). You might remember her viral Jenny Patel vine, funny ass impressions and dance moves, but now she's makin her way into the music industry and IM IMPRESSED. 

She just recently started getting into the music industry and I already love her. She only has four songs out right now, but I'm sure a project is on it's way...  She really gives me Jhene Aiko vibes, but also goes hard in her newest track 'Impressed' reminding me of Tink. But 'Impressed' (down below) is the banger that really caught my ears, I really see her makin movements and influencing the game positively for the youth culture, mostly female artists. 

In her most recent interview with Revolt, she opens up about "her early days on social media, the message she hopes to share with her fans, her personal experiences dealing with clinical depression, what inspired her to start making music and much more." Make sure to watch and get to know the young and upcoming artist herself :) 

Take a look at all four tracks she has out now and make sure to keep an eye out for more: 

1. Impressed - October 2017 

2. Here For IT - June 2017

3. CRASH - MAY 2017

4. You Ain't Shit - April 2017



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