What is Smart Girl Club and Why it's so important

Founders, Destiny Frasqueri, better known as Princess Nokia, and Milah Libincreated an initiative that aims to empower women of all shapes, sizes, colors, sexualities, and orientations by focusing on creative collaboration and celebration between women. 

This urban feminist collective has has hosted workshops, led panel discussions at universities such as Harvard and The New School, held pop-up shops, hosted concerts, produced music videos, and more.

These are photos from the second healing workshop they hosted in Babyastle. 43 women came out to be individually read in a protection & self love ritual Destiny helped perform with them.

We all have baggage, pain, something we’re carrying - something we need to get through. That’s why I created the COVEN OF LIGHT. To teach women how to rid this pain through holistic healing. Through positive magical practice.
— http://smartgirlclub.org/tagged/SGC2

The most recent workshop at Knockdown Center for Mami Market had the biggest turn out of 50 women. It look so peaceful and beautiful. 

"During the reading, I found myself smiling and giggling from euphoria. I could feel god smiling and talking to me, guiding me, teaching me. And I just felt so happy experiencing what was occurring"

Mental health is something extremely important to me. I take pride of my anxiety and depression because it does not make me weaker, it shaped who I am today. My experiences, my thoughts, my feelings; negative or positive, they make me who I am today. The practice of meditation and yoga is something I strive to master one day because I truly believe connecting to the earth is something magical and life changing. 

"One day at a time. one practice at a time."

Smart Girl Club allows for people to have an outlet where they can educate themselves on spirituality, women's rights and an opprotunity to connect to likeminded individuals, which is such a beautiful thing.

Thank You Smart Girl Club



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