Tiny Desk Concert: Tank And The Bangas and NoName

I recently came across Tiny Desk Concerts and these females took my undivided attention with their jaw dropping RAW talent. At this point, I'm not even going to comment on each performance, because it honestly speaks for itself. Their success will undeniably continue to grow. 

1. Tank and the bangas 

Winners of tiny desk concert

"Out of over 6,000 entries — more submissions than we've ever received — Tank And The Bangas won, unanimously, this year's Tiny Desk Contest.
This band combines R&B with hip-hop's poetry and rollercoaster storytelling, with a flair and alchemy that could only come from New Orleans. Their winning song, "Quick," mixes liquor and revenge — a sort of modern day take on a great folk tale, but peppered with their own idiosyncratic flair and humor. What I couldn't see, until they took over my desk, was the depth of their lyricism and the versatility of their players. At one moment fun-filled funk, the next laid-back jazz, rhythm-driven blues — and it all flows seamlessly. And it's fun to watch: There's a magic kinship between Tarriona "Tank" Ball and Anjelika "Jelly" Joseph as they share singing roles, like two best friends finishing one another's sentence" -Excerpt from NPR Music

2. noname

This entire video made my heart melt! LOOK AT HOW FUCKING CUTE SHE IS AND HOW HAPPY SHE IS TO BE THERE! You can see the love and genuinity  that she has for her craft. 

"Here's a fun fact about Noname's Tiny Desk Concert: It almost didn't happen. Around the time of their D.C. stop, she (born Fatimah Warner) and her bandmates got their first dose of tour sickness. Thanks to rest, medicine and our mutual excitement, she made her way into the NPR offices the following day.

If there ever was a 'Noname' way of doing things, this is definitely her signature method. It's in the way she's able to muster a smile while performing a heartbreaking tale of abortion. It's those sometimes bleak, melancholy lyrics over brilliant, colorful production." -Excerpt from NPR Music

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