Rapper Tasha the Amazon don't play no games

Someone recently showed me local Toronto rapper, Tasha the Amazon and I instantly fell in love with her vibe and energy. She should be called Tasha the Amazin, cuz HOLY SHIT she got the entire package.

The most wild thing was discovering that she grew up in Kitchener - Waterloo like Hyphy and I! It's really inspiring and motivational to see a small town girl grow successfully in the creative industry. As her career moved forward, she explains in an interview with The Record that in order for more opprotunity, she knew she had to leave Kitchener. 

"Kitchener was a cool place to grow up, she insists. But it was no place to cultivate her emerging rap and hip-hop tastes"

After five years in the game, Tasha achieved a nomination for the Rap Recording of the Year presented at the Juno Awards in Ottawa. She was up against other Toronto rappers, Drake and Jazz Cartier, making it hella competitive but she damn well deserves to be up there with her talents.

Tasha got some Amazonian fire in her system and you can really hear it in her voice and through her music videos. She really gives her fans an overall visual and vocal experience. If I dont hear Prayer and Burn play in the clubs soon, imma flip because I wanna rage to her music.

"I don't do it for the payment, but someone better fucking pay me" 

Director and Editor: Colin G Cooper | Cinematography: Ian MacMillan Producer: Colin G Cooper & Danthrax 

She could literally burn the club down with these fire ass songs, honest

Tasha the Amazon is fierce as fuck and we can't wait to see what else she has under her sleeve, keep rockin' ! 



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