Rico Nasty Drops "Smack A Bitch" After Fight With Asian Doll

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I've never been a fan of women fighting against each other or bringing each other down, but sometimes you gotta smack a bitch to get your point straight.. 

Yesterday Asian Doll instagram video'd (which she later deleted), claiming that she beat the fck outta Rico. Obviously, Rico went on Live and claimed the same thing, looking hella pretty to be honest. Well Rico Nasty definitely won the fight after she released her fuckn visuals to "Smack a Bitch" to retaliate and show her what the fck is up, listen below

The reason why I aint that mad about this happening is because men always fight, release diss tracks, giving us good music ... and in this case, Rico did the same.

Don't worry about a bitch who never been in your place
Always move in silence, never question your fate
(Rule number 2)
Always check in on your niggas, gotta make sure they straight
If I'm getting money, then you know we all got a plate

Hopefully this fued ends cuz they make good music together! Let's all jus support and love each other, and make more music ! 



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