Our thoughts on Sarbina Claudio's TWO NEW tracks with visuals

Sabrina Claudio has been teasing us with little previews of her visuals for two tracks 'All To You' & 'Dont Let me Down' ft. Khalid on instagram

Well we don't gotta wonder no more, they're finally here and we couldn't be more impressed



Just 3 days after releasing All To You, she & Khalid give us round two with 'Don't Let Me Down', & lemme tell ya, it's hella groovy. Both of their soft voices compliment the beat so beautifully, I just want to move my hips slowly and dance in circles around my room!  It's a vibe no doubt. 'All To You' brings me back to her first EP Confidently Lost, rather her track with Khalid is much more unique compared to her other songs which shows diversification. 

The video for 'All To You' is extremely beautiful and I love her seductive & sexy vibe that she not only gives off in her visuals and lyrics, but you can clearly hear it in her voice and the way she delivers that softness that gives us all goosebumps. You can clearly tell her and her team worked real hard on this so let's give em a shoutout. 

Artwork shot by @livincool & edited by @recourtphoto 

Directed by @fouad

Speaking to Beats 1 about the collaboration with Khalid, Claudio says “I had the whole song written, two verses, a bridges, everything was written, but I was like, ‘this is missing something,' Khalid came to mind and I just sent him the song over text and was like, ‘tell me what you think, honestly, I hear your voice on this, if you’re willing to jump on it, I’d be honored.’ The next day he came to the studio and wrote and recorded his verse in an hour.”

DONT let me down ft. khalid

Download or stream here: https://lnk.to/DontLetMeDownAY 


Download or stream here: https://lnk.to/AllToYouAY

When did this bed turn into water? Is it that good? My love, my flower, is it that good?
— all to you - sc
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Keep it up mamacita, you killin it




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