Rihanna dominates her verse in "Lemonade"

Recently, N.E.R.D released a single and a music video called Lemonade featuring Rihanna. Not only are the visuals amazing, but her verses are killer. 

I get it how I live it
I live it how I get
Count the mothafuckin’ digits
I pull up with a lemon
Not ‘cause she ain’t livin’
It’s just your eyes get acidic
And this here ain’t a scrimmage
Mothafucka, we ain’t finished
I told you we won’t stop
A ni**a ‘bouta business
Like yours, but you rent it
Wave hello to the top
Nigga the Veyron glide
Tell the paparazzi get the lens right
Got the window down, top, blowin’ la
Got the hazards on, only doin’ five
You can catch me, Rih, in the new La Ferrar’
— Rihanna

Riri out here preachin' business. She letting everyone know she on top. I wanna know your thoughts on her use of the word lemon.. I'm thinking it means, she got the juice lol 

And the truck behind me got arms
Yeah, longer than LeBron
Just waitin’ for my thumb like The Fonz
Woo! This beat tastes like lunch
But it’s runnin’ from veneers and it’s runnin’ from the fronts
But everyday, hey, wasn’t lemonade
I was afraid, once a nigga graduate
Would I be okay?
So I prayed and I played
It’s Rihanna, ni**a
My constellation in space
Warp speed, Doctor Spock couldn’t chase, ni**a
— Rihanna

Damn, this girl. She's fucking right, the beat is lit, and the verse is amazing. 

Your wcw strugglin, while my girl posted up far beyond any competition, in her own constellation. 

I also want to talk about the amazing dancer in the video, Mette Towley. This girl is giving off major Teayana Taylor vibes. This 26 year old dancer is part of Pharrell's dance squad called "The Baes". A Minnesota native, she's been touring with Pharrell since 2014. 

Towley also premieres N.E.R.D's new training gear collection with adidas (major heart eyes) in the video. Soon all the hunnies can rep her hotpants too!

These two girls are fierce and I love that Rihanna is further exploring her musical talents but where the album at girl? I've been waiting since ANTI dropped, I can't wait any longer..

Anyways, have a good day loves


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