BABIES!!!! The amount of music that releases daily is literally infinite, making what I listen to change weekly/biweekly. I listen to a few songs numerous times that week, amongst the music I listen to regularly.  I decided it was time to start sharing and making PAPPY's TOP 5 A THING! I hope this helps you guys discover new music, and it wont just be females bc we gotta give the men some love and support too! 

I've been in a double personality typa mood. It's definitely the weather, some days it'll be raining endlessly, some days it's kinda (Canadian) warm, and then it's snowing lol. Mother nature on some next level trip. I've been really into Safe from Brampton and Eli Sostre from Brooklyn. They really put me in a feels good typa mood, their voices just give me life.


1. Safe | Summer's End

2. Eli Sostre | Not right now

3. Josh Dillon | Lover 

I've also had this on repeat for like two weeks straight, I probably racked up 100+ listens for him on Soundcloud lol. But Josh is definitely one to look out for, he has a natural talent. This beat Martin Sole created completes the entire craft, it's the base of what makes the track so great. OH and their both from Brampton #SUPPORTLOCALARTISTS

4. Chanksdaddy | Crying diamonds

When I'm reaaalllyyyy stoned, I listen to this track by Ottawa's local ChanksDaddy. We used one of his beats 'With Me' for the DJ KillaXKels interview.  

5. Little Simz | Our Conversations

From her album Stillness In Wonderland Deluxe !!!  

I'm finding it really hard to only narrow what I listen to to 5 songs, so fuck it, I'm adding a Bonus Track. 

6. Yung Baby Tate | Cookie Walk

We always need a song to shake our asses to and I swear Yung Baby Tate makes the best tracks jus for that. Do you hear the beats she's producing and her fuckin empowering lyrics????? 



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