NEW MUSIC ALERT: Sabrina Claudio | Belong To You

On Friday, the Fader premiered Sabrina Claudio's single and music video for 'Belong To You' and with it a mini interview discussing her music career. "Sabrina Claudio is a young R&B singer from L.A. via Miami and she's just super real. Her March 2017 EP Confidently Lost is seven tight tracks of sprawling anthems about the heartache of adolescence that anyone can groove to." "I do write my own stuff," she said. "The only time I write with someone else is with one of my friends but I write everything myself." - Except from The Fader Interview

Doing a search for your name the phrase that comes up a lot is "slept on." Do you feel slept on?

"[laughs] I don't want to sound cocky but — a little bit! I'm not gonna lie. But I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm gonna let them say it and I'll just keep it to myself."

Honestly, she is very slept on in my opinion. It opens up this discussion of questioning why this might be?  I've been listening to her for the past year, and she has beeeeeeeen working!! I'm really hoping she releases an album and goes on a mini tour, she's so fucking uniquely talented. I dont know why she's slept on honestly, but I'm tryna change that by spreading her work online! 

The aesthetics in all your videos are so strong and put together. What compels you to make it so complete?

"I want the visuals to be aesthetically consistent, but conceptually there. The visuals are so important to me because aside from the songwriting there's another story that can be told with the visuals. Collaborating with these directors for these visuals has been amazing, too."-the fader

Watch the music video for 'Belong To You' below and read more on her interview with The Fader:




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