Nik x Nike

Local 21 year old artist Nikolina Kupcevic has not only been a huge supporter of BabyPink, but a great inspiration to us all. She continues to grow and take risk-filled steps in order to grow as an independent artist. 

She recently released two prototypes of her customized painted sneakers, in which she uses leather paint, preps and seals the painted sneakers, making them completely wearable and waterproof. The way she creates this free lance contemporary art through fashion is extremely inspirational, revealing the direct correlation between fashion and art. 

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Nikolina to discuss her passion for art, where we also discussed the influence of music on her art and how it inspired her to create specific pieces. Her interview will be releasing shortly, so keep an eye out for that babiesss! 

If you got a pair of shoes you want to spice up and make your own, make sure to hit her up through Insta DM for inquiries and prices! 

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contemporary art taken to a whole other level




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