Review of Nicki Minaj Discussing Her Unique Role in Hip-Hop - XXL 20th Anniversary Interview


Nicki Minaj has definitely been a huge influence on the reemerging attention and praise on female rappers in the industry and we thank you!!! XXL's 20th anniversary is finally up and they interviewed Nicki, amongst others, about her influence in Hip Hop today. 

TB to Summer 2016 when XXL Freshman Class Cover was released without one single female on it that sparked the idea for me to create this platform! At least they put one female artists this year: Kamaiyah... but it's not enough. Until that cover is at least 50/50, I wont quit! 

OK SO let's talk billboards because Nicki recently hit another milestone in her career when she broke Aretha Franklin's record for most Billboard Hot 100 singles by a woman. If you really think about it, that's INSANE because The Queen of Soul was first awarded the title on June 18, 1977... I REPEAT... 1977!!!! It took that long for a female to surpass her 73 appearances. Not even Lauryn or Aaliyah did it and they are one of the biggest influences in Hip Hop history. Her Remy Ma diss track 'No Frauds'  that blew all of us away was one of the main reasons for such a success. SO HUGE CONGRATS TO YOU NICKI, POWERS!!!Nicki explains in her interview: 

My role in Hip Hop has been super unique because when my first album came it, there has been so much time where there wasn't a female rap album out that went platinum. There wasn't a big female rap presence right before I got in so my role was really introducing the female rapper to pop culture.
They were overlooking female rappers for a long time, I don't think we get that much credit. I think female rappers are dope and influential but I think I sorta came in at a time where big business was paying attention and so I was able to capitalize off of a lot of deals. 

I totally agree with this statement. She really did reintroduce this new wave of recognizing female rappers for their talents. Now female rappers are comin in & out from all ends, she really created a sense of competition in the industry. She gained capital by signing many deals whether it be her headphones, perfume line, MAC lipsticks, etc. She created a brand for herself which we gotta respect because without her hustle, the industry would still be looking past them. 

My first album I had features with Eminem and Kanye. I had been on Kanye's album on a feature with Jay Z. I had so many big names on that album. I don't think that's ever been done before on a female rap album. You know for everybody, humongous artists, to kind of cosign them and give it their stamp of approval... All the big male artists also treated me with a sense of respect as an MC, they took me serious when they on a track with me, they knew they had to come hard. So Im super proud of bringing THAT to the game as a female rapper. 

She literally killed it on 'Monsters' from Kanye's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"... I still remember when I was first hearing Nicki in all these songs, I was shook at how fast her flow was and how much of a character she is, mostly in her music videos! She has a natural talent, and as a female rapper, she really opened the doors up for a new wave of RESPECT for female's in the Hip Hop industry. Her feminist advocacy at her shows, in her interviews, and basically her entire platform is supporting women and honestly, bein OUR #1 HYPE WOMAN! She shines a entire ray of sunshine and power on all women who ever been disrespected, dehumanized, hyper-sexualized, EVERYTHING! Continue to shake your Anaconda BABY, THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!

Make sure to watch the full interview below where she continues to discuss the influence of Hip Hop on our society today: 



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