Could We Be Expecting a NEW Kodie Shane Album?

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Kodie Shane has been releasing back to back songs for the past two months... like no lie, every week or two she's released a new song, and let me tell you, they are ALL BANGERS. Kodie Shane wont quit makin waves in the music scene with her fresh, positive and definitely uplifting sound that will light up a room in energy. Atlanta's 19 year old rapper is the only female member of Yachty's Sailing Team and continues to shine with her raps, flows and lit music video's that got everyone wildin' out!

" I would describe my sound as new and fresh and nothing else like it. I just have this energy that not a lot of people have."

One thing I noticed often amongst female artists is the lack of consistency in releasing new content. Because the internet is constantly evolving, there are thousands of new songs/content that get released, making it an extremely competitive platform. With consistency, an artist can ultimately grow their fan base. Of course it's not the most important thing, like if you make shit music and you are just consistently releasing more shit music, then this theory might not work for u. 

   When an artist, or basically any creative releases their art more often, their name is poppin off more often on people feeds and in the end of the day, people are sheep and follow what they see most often on their timelines. 

On a lighter note, this is exactly what Kodie Shane's doing and I feel like she's jus getting ready for an album release even though she literally released a 7 track EP in August. 

Listen to her 5 NEW tracks:



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