RAY BLK ft stormzy | My Hood

"South London RAY BLK soulfully invites you to her hood" 

Ray Blk gets fucking REAL with us about what it's like to grow up in south London.  

Barely anyone at school after 15
We’re chasing paper then Blue Borough should be green
I won’t lie, finding a way out is our dream
— Ray blk
Top floor of Pepys estate, we’ll show you our world
That building turns you to a woman from a girl
Now time to stop, life flashes past you in a whirl
— ray blk
Man, there’s babies having babies, man, it’s crazy up in my hood
Shit’s got me praying that I die good
Where we’d rather buy guns before we buy books
Where they left us in the dark, so we light kush, my

— stormzy

"Noisey presents a new documentary about London's grime scene and its relationship with the police hosted by JME and featuring Meridian Dan, Jammer and Big Narstie.
In February, Just Jam's event at The Barbican was cancelled at the last minute. It was an event that seemed to be yet another victim of the London authorities now notorious risk assessment procedure, Form 696. 
Told through the eyes of Jamie Adenuga—grime outfit Boy Better Know's tee-total, vegan frontman who was booked to perform at the Barbican—Noisey investigates what the reasons behind the sudden cancellation were. He speaks to lawyers, journalists and fellow artists like Jammer, Meridian Dan and Big Narstie to find out whether the prohibiting of grime music events by London police is a cause for concern, rather than a solution to crime in the capital."

My favourite thing to share with the world is all the dope videos I find online, whether it be live performances, interviews, or documentaries. I just think as millennials, our short attention spans are accustomed to learn better through visual experiences. I've already shared the talented IAMDDB Colors Show which you can find here, but I had to go back and share RAY BLK's performance because this is what led me to find the original song with Stormzy.



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