MTL Artist Laye Releases The Sickest Music Video For 'Goldfinger'

At the beginning of the month Laye released her second track 'Goldfinger' & now she's coming at us with a whole video just 3 weeks later. I truly love this song, from the lyrics to the beat. It comes together to deliver this feeling of empowerment and puts you in a no fucks given type of mood. My favourite thing about the video has to be the editing... whoever edited this video killed it. The way they transitioned between shots, to the way they overlapped shots of her fingers and her face, to the way the shots were coloured corrected/edited. They killlled it. 

Make sure to watch the video and download/stream Goldfinger: Link below


"you didn't need to kiss my forehead and pause

look at me and tell me I'm beautiful

you didn't need to practice on me" - laye

Laye_Press Photo 3-Vonny Lorde_240 dpi_May 30, 2018 (1).jpg
Laye_Press Photo 1-Vonny Lorde_240 dpi_May 30, 2018 (1).jpg



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