Need To Revamp Your Closet? Meet Raquiya Grace | Toronto's Strictly legal Fashionista

I am a free-spirited, Toronto-based lawyer ( oxymoron), with a passion for writing and fashion.
— Raquiya Grace

The first time I met Raquiya Grace, I could just see passion and hustle thrive through her eyes. The way she spoke about life through her eyes, you could just tell she has strength of a lion and had a creative drive. Raquiya describes 'Strictly Legal Fashionista' as:

my blend of style, grace and fearlessness. As Editor-in-Chief, I aim to bring you an authentic take on trends in Toronto and abroad. is your one stop for motivating you to pursue your passion and ambitions on your own terms. We don't just inspire you. We help you make it happen.

She not only runs a dope blog with all the fashion 411, but she also offers services that I'm sure many of you might want/need.... I mean Toronto's pretty competitive so if you want some help, SLF is where you wanna go! She offers a handful of services to fit your needs: 

I have spent the last year developing my legal practice in the areas of entertainment, media and fashion. I love exploring the intersections between fashion, law and lifestyle.

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Raquiya reached out to us looking to submit a guest blog (OUR FIRST ONE!!!) which we were so excited about releasing this Sunday, so stay tuned! 

Q: What inspired to create SLF even though you are already achieving in your legal career? 

A: I've always been a writer and passionate about fashion. Around the time when I started my own legal practice, I was inspired to start my blog because I felt like I needed a creative outlet. I feel that as a business person I can be both creative and logical, so if I wanted to create an ideal profession, it needed to be one where all of my passions are satisfied!

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated!”
— Life Mantra

As a woman, we're often criticized for every little thing. For me, I am confident, strong, smart and fashionable. I'm a great friend, sister and daughter. I'm young, fly and flashy! I can be all of those things without having to be put into one box.

Q: Who is your Power Woman ?

My late-mother has aways been a woman who I admire. She was a huge part of success up to this point and her memory keeps me going. She was truly a super-mom!


Q: Top 3 Fashion Designers or brands that inspire your look?

A: Gucci and Rihanna's Fenty Collection (The brand has a whole is really empowering and embraces all facets of female identity).

Q: Favourite female banger?

Currently, 'The Weekend' by SZA! In fact, the entire 'Ctrl' album has been really pivotal and inspiring to me this year!

Make sure to visit her website & follow her Instagram here !



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