Meet Margaux: Atlanta's Hustler That Does It ALL!

Working independently, Atlanta based Singer, Songwriter & Producer Margaux recently has recently released her debut EP entitled: “Trust In Me”. We got a chance to ask her a couple of questions about her EP, her career as an artists & her advice to creative women! Lemme tell ya'll one thing, this woman can do it all & is the definition of a hustler. Just read below and you'll get why! Scroll down to find all the links to her EP & social media accounts. 

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1. Tell us how old you are and when & how you started making music. 

I'm 23 years old and I started making music when I was really little. I grew up in a family where everyone played multiple instruments. I actually played piano, harp, and violin. I started singing and writing songs when I was really little. I had like binders full of songs lol.

2. You recently released your first EP “Trust in Me”, how would you describe what it’s about/overall theme & sound? Tell us a little about the creative process & if you ran into any challenges? 

I would describe it as dark electronic RnB. I made the project as a way to get out of my depression which is why the songs are dark but they still feel inspiring. My creative process when I was making it was honestly kind of random sparks of creativity.

The first song I actually wrote for it was "Alright" and I came up with the lyrics at work. The whole song was already produced in my head before I actually made it. The other songs were just kind of me having fun in my room making music. I write, produce, and engineer all of my own music at home. So, a lot of it is just spur of the moment inspiration and experimenting.

As far as challenges, the two biggest ones for me were: timing and the song "Alright." I work a full time job and sometimes I work like 48 hours a week. So, it's hard to find time to do make music sometimes. So, a lot of the time I would call in sick and/or pull all nighters to finish songs.

"Alright" was a big challenge for me because it was the first song I made, as well as the first song I had engineered by myself. So, when I recorded it and mixed it, there were a lot of mistakes. It was weird because the instrumental didn't really have a set key until the middle of the song. So even though my vocals were in tune for the first half it didn't sound the same when you played it for a second time. (If that makes sense. lol) So I had to rerecord it and remix it over and over again for like months.

Even when all the other songs were done, I was still working on "Alright"; and it led me to quit my job because I had a goal to finish the project before 2017 ended. (And I did.)

3. Which song on the EP is your favourite/means the most to you & why? 

It honestly just depends on the day, but it's a tie between "Alright", "Come 2 Me", and "Mine." I love Alright because of the journey I had making it. I love "Come 2 Me" because it's just a whole bop. And I love "Mine" because it's some of my favourite production by myself; and the lyrics, I wrote them about my boyfriend.

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4. What is your favourite thing about producing, specifically producing for yourself as an independent artist? 

I get to have my own style and set my own tone. I don't have to depend on anyone; and I feel like producing is where I get to really be myself. If someone wants to know how I'm really feeling deep down, don't listen to my lyrics, listen to the beat. You'll learn a lot more about me.

5. What is a really memorable moment during your career? 

I don't really have a "most memorable moment" yet. But my most memorable feeling has been: not being nervous before a show. I've been doing music for a while and before "Trust In Me" I would get so nervous before shows. I'm really shy and a REAL introvert, and I'm not in love with constant attention or being stared at. The thought of it gives me really bad anxiety.

But for some reason when I'm performing songs off of "Trust In Me", I feel calm and confident, which is good because that's what the project is about for me.

6. If you had to give women one piece of advice for pursuing any creative endeavour, what would it be?

I would say, listen to your intuition, try new things, be yourself, and learn to love yourself at your lowest.

Get to know your flaws and don't hide from them.

When you're comfortable with yourself during uncomfortable situations, that's what will keep you going and make you stand out.

And you have to keep going. The longer and more consistently you work and progress at something, no matter what it is, the closer you are to making it happen. Also, read books, take bubble baths, and take your vitamins :).



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