Our Thoughts on Little Simz's NEW track and visuals for 'Good For What'


Ya'll already know Little Simz is one of our TOP artists that we continue to watch and praise. At only 23, Simbi creates music that is often compared to legends like Lauryn Hill and Kendrick for her self-reflective and self-explorative wordplay, that clearly shies away from mainstream Hip Hop. There's literally no one like her, she is one of a kind. 

"On her most recent release, Stillness in Wonderland, she expands this notion of self-exploration by creating a world that pays ode to the childhood classic Alice in Wonderland. Much like Alice, Simz's newfound success has taken her on a journey that's leading her to discover a whole new world." - From: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5_IAndUG7g [Tiny Desk performance] 

Now she's comin thru with not only new visuals, but Stillness in Wonderland DELUXE due to come out November 3rd with SEVEN new fuckin tracks and I AM LIVVVVINNNNN' !!!!! I am so hyped up for this new release. With her newest banger 'Good For What', she preparin us for what's to come... and we know its greatness ONLY. Little Simz's delivery, flow nd lyricism has me wildin out, issa serious MAD TING EH. 

Been a lone wolf most of my life
Cut niggas off one time
Never looked back since
— simz
Little Simz_0.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 6.58.11 PM.png
Finally I'm getting paid off this shit
Spent years, spent months, spent days on this shit
(What does that even mean?)
Look at me, once again I was made for this shit
Look at me, once again I was made for this

She comes with a rush of confidence, knowing that she deserves praise over the uniqueness she brings to the industry. She says she's finally "getting paid off this shit", after spending years working to get the coins and recognition for a talent that she was born with. "She was made for this shit." It makes me wonder, if she was a man with that flow and lyricism, would she have blown up quicker, or would she be at a higher influential level in the industry today? I truly believe that yes, if she was a man she would have blown up fast because you can't front she's way better than most of these whack ass male rappers that all fucking make the same music. SHE'S UNIQUE. 

Dying to see what is next, yeah
Wave level is way up right now

This track is basically letting us know what's next to come and I get this vibe that she's ready to hustle on another level. She is extremely underrated and unrecognized for her unique talents which must be extremely frustrating for her, mostly when you know your value and abilities to influence this generation's hiphop culture. 

I went to this black women appreciation art exhibit in Ottawa the other day  and something I took back from it that stuck with me was the Double Lack black women are faced with. "They are not male nor white, they have a double lack". And I can't help but think of that everytime I come across a black female artist, making me want to support their art even more. It's like they have to work harder than any MF tryna make it in the industry and that must be so challenging to deal with. She's here, solo artists, not signed to any label, having to work 10x harder while Catch Me Outside girl is stacking coins, getting her shit ghost written and poppin off while appropriating black culture.

These double standards are just mind boggling. 

This is honestly why I do what I do. I have a duty as a privilege lighter skinned Arabic women to support every black women because they are lowest of the low on the spectrum of social hierarchy. They are a true minority and deserve to be supported in every way because the fact is, their voices are not socially powerful enough to be heard although they are screaming. 

Taken from Stillness In Wonderland (Deluxe Edition) Buy / stream: https://www.smarturl.it/littlesimz-siw-delux Directed by Duy Nguyen Co-directed by Little Simz Produced by Astronote Co-produced + arranged by SHE To keep up to date on brand new tracks, tour information and exclusive content, remember to hit Subscribe now Follow Little Simz: Website - http://www.littlesimz.co Facebook - http://smarturl.it/littlesimzfacebook Twitter - http://smarturl.it/littlesimztwitter Tumblr - http://smarturl.it/littlesimztumblr Instagram - http://smarturl.it/littlesimzinstagram Spotify - http://smarturl.it/littlesimzspotify
Cause this is bigger than you thought
Thought I was finished, let me give you more
Iā€™m a creator, dripping down the sauce
Dripping down and honesty
— simz



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