Little Simz on challenging labels, feminism and her doubts with her music

Little Simz released 'Stillness in Wonderland' 6 months ago. She has only recently released her newest single 'Backseat' right around the time we launched Babypink. 

I don’t talk or say too much + since the beginning my music has been my way of communicating with the supporters + people who really care about me+ my art. BACKSEAT is an update for the people. It’s all in the lyrics. Thank you for listening.

I was watching interviews on youtube, particularly on Little Simz, because of her character and how much she preaches the importance of not wanting or liking labels, and wanting to be free and independent. I came across this important one on herself and labels. Check out what she has to say below :

Also check out her interview with q on cbc, where she talks about sharing her personal doubts with her music and trusting her intuition. 

xo hyphy

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