Let's Talk About Toronto: A Look Into Female Creatives

We all know the music industry in Toronto sky rocketed once Drake came up, giving unlimited potential to Toronto creatives to not only make connections easily, but to live in an atmosphere that feeds their hustler life style. So many people have moved to Toronto to follow their dreams and potentially 'make it big'; 

EFFORTLESSLY putting Canada on the map within the music industry

The reason I am extremely grateful for this is because it gave local artists a drive that can help them grow successfully, women included. Undoubtedly there are more male artists coming out of Toronto right now (all of OVO, Pressa, Killy, Cmdwn, Jazz etc), although female artists are making hit after hit. Jessie Reyez has been reppin Toronto and making a name for the ladies here with her undeniable talent! She was nominated for two awards, one being Fan Fav Video for 'Shutter Island' and Best New Canadian Artist being up in the same category as Charlotte Day Wilson, Daniel Caesar, dvsn and PartyNextDoor. She is currently sitting at 12 MILLION plays on Youtube for her hit 'Figures'.

POWERS BABY GIRL, we appreciate u 


We thought we'd shine some light on a few of our favourite tracks by Toronto female artists, enjoy:


1. Savana | left her on readFresh Up On My Ways .

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 2.09.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 2.10.09 PM.png

I first discovered her through Soundcloud and what caught my attention was her track 'Fresh Up On My Ways', but she deleted it. I did download it before it was taken down, I wish I could put it up but there's obviously a reason it's gone now... even though it was SO FIRE. But her song with Foreign and Camille (KILLACAMII). Both artists also creates the dopest mixes, there are a few you can listen to on their Soundcloud and follow their new releases. 

2. Layla Hendryx | Rain Or Snow

She also has a banger with Pressa that you can find on her Soundcloud. 

3. Ebhoni | Killing roses

She opened for fucking PRINCESS NOKIA!!!!! That. Is. Goals. 

4. My Feels | Khadijah Lopez 

5. Wrong Time | Aiza

6. Prayer | Tasha The Amazon

These are just a few of the Canadian artists we've been following, but let's not forget the rest... for example, we see Tommy Genesis, Vancouver based artist, creating movements with her newest release 'Tommy'.

6. Tommy | Tommy Genesis

Let's not forget the talent you'll find in Ottawa too... I wrote an article about Ottawa's female talent which you can find here. It will let you know everyone you should be keeping a look out for.

Hope you make use of this, POWERS TO ALL THESE TALENTED WOMEN 


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