Kristen Allicock | #RealGood

Like I've mentioned before, we're working closely with Toronto Women Inspiring Purpose and Passion, known as WIPP. They work to spread knowledge through impactful events and online content; focused on mental health, body image, career cultivation and sexuality.

They keep it real, authentic and empowering.

Our third interview is finally released yesterday. We had a chance to sit down with 28 year old Kristen Allicock shares with us her story growing up in a West Indian home being a female with so much ambition and interests that are outside of the 'social norm'. She tells us about her passions outside of her 9-5 and how she began to pursue them on the side. She then opens up to us about her insecurities, vulnerabilities and and the struggle of being 'on' all the time.

WIPP's mission is to empower women by breaking down the barriers and shattering the glass ceiling. We've created REAL GOOD as a platform to talk the REAL TALK, bringing forward the struggles we all face and what we're doing to #WIPPitrealgood. The more we can connect with one another as human beings, the greater the impact for us all. 


Thank you again @wipptoronto for this incredible opportunity and for creating this series for empowering women! We truly appreciate it! 



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