Premiering: Jewel's NEWEST Single Release 'All Good' For Upcoming EP

Jewel Coles from Bowie, MD, who goes by 'Jewel' started making music when she was in college, recording out of a house across a street from her campus. Writing began as an outlet and then inspired her to transition to songwriting. She describes her sound as 'Trippy'

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"I really want to show people that it's okay to take the path that's least traveled. It's okay to go against the grain and do your own thing. Me choosing music over school is me choosing to pursue my passion and I hope other see that and aren't afraid to follow their dreams. "

We got the chance to ask Jewel some question about her upcoming EP 'The Kickback' and her song 'All Good' which you can listen to below! Make sure to share, like, comment, EVERYTHING ❤️

Q: What other tracks that you’ve previously released could we expecting to see on the EP ‘The Kickback’?

ATKB is the only single so far that I’ve released off the EP. I thought it was a perfect way to kick off The KickBack. 

Q:Are there any features on your EP ?

No there actually aren’t any features on my EP. I felt like this project should really showcase who I am. So i kinda wanted to hold this one down on my own. 

Q: When do you think your EP will be releasing? 

The goal is to release The KickBack at the top of 2018. So sometime in January everyone be on the look out! 

Q: Tell us a little about the theme of ‘The Kickback’ ?

The KickBack is a vibe. I’m not really a club type person but i love a kick back. A chill environment with good people and good music... some drinks and some party favours. I feel like this EP is the perfect soundtrack to my personal kickback.

Q: The cover art is a upside down smily face… does that signify something specific? Explain the idea behind the cover art and its link to your track ‘All Good’? 

The upside down smiley face really wasn’t my idea but after i saw it i was like this actually goes perfect with the concept of All Good. No matter what it’s all good, even when it doesn’t look like it, I’m still smiling. 

Q: With the EP itself, will there be any more visuals releases? 

I was thinking about tryna get another visual out there for this project. I’m cooking up some ideas. 

Q: How do you deal with conquering self doubt and overcoming the fear of what people might think of you? 

I have pep talks with myself. I surround myself with positive people. I always remind myself there is no room for doubt in this. I never really care what people think, it’s either they down with the wave or they not. I’m still gonna surf lol

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