Kodie Shane releases ANOTHER video for 'Drip On My Walk' | Which Ones Better?


Kodie Shane was definitely one of the first female rappers we discovered. It was more than a year ago when Lil Yachty was poppin off and they then released "All In" and she left me undoubtedly impressed, she defs had the BEST verse. The first two songs I discovered were 'Losing Service' and 'Drip On My Walk' and not to forget, her remix to 'Uber Everywhere' which is FIRE to say the least. 

What I love the most about her music video's are her dance moves and definitely her facial expressions that keep you constantly intrigued. She is a fuckn character and I love every bit of it. She literally makes me smile. Last week she released yet again, a year and a half later, a BRAND NEW music video for 'Drip On My Walk', but which one is better? Let's watch both and discuss [insert eyes emoji here]. 

1. May 18, 2016

2. August 14, 2017

Honestly, both videos are extremely well produced so shoutout to her and her team! Let's start off by comparing and discussing what I liked better in each video. The first video was definitely more hyped up starting off right from the bat, while the second one started off a little slow. That kinda threw me off guard because the song is SO hype and the beat literally makes you want to get up instantly and dance, but she just, walked and rapped at the beginning. No hate tho. The entire time throughout the first video, it really grasps your attention because of the constant transitions between shots and camera movement. 

BUT, the second video definitely looks more pro. I mean, they have all that digital animation that really adds to the video and makes it more unique, which of course I love! I also am SO happy to see her team in her video, mostly Lil Yachty. I think people tend to forget that Lil Yachty has a team, and that there is ONE girl apart of it. Shoutout to him for bringing her up with him on tour and shining some attention onto her talents. It's cool that they have more than one person dancing and in a way 'contributing' to the video. Like, those two little girls make my heart melt lol.

NOWWWW... to what we've been really waiting for, the final verdict.... I will have to go with the first one. I know they tried to add more creativity within the second video, but the fact is, the first video makes me want to dance and the second one ultimately doesn't. Yes, that's what it comes down to LOL 



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