Cardi Came Thru Drippin with her newest track with Migos & visuals for bartier cardi

I don't know if ya'll are paying attention to Cardi's hustle, but this girl dont quit working! She's all on her story sick as fuck, showing the real her, all while in the fuckn studio because she "needs to finish this last song for the album". I fuck with her work ethic, its inspiring as hell. 

First on March 29th, she released 'Be Careful', which is something a little different than her usual style but I fuck with it. 


THEN she comes thru with visuals for Bartier Cardi & I got some thoughts about this. Deadass, I haven't gotten tired of this track yet, its hella lit. I could rage to this multiple times in a night ngl.  I could sit here and analyze every bit of her video & song and point out a dozen of things that are wrong with it but I can also point out how many things are also right. Let's save the negative for the end. I think this song is empowering as fuck when it's being played in the club for women in the crowd, DJ's & artists. I also give her credit for having dark skinned women with their Afro's in her video. To top that, Cardi's fucking energy in her video is the icing on the cake; it's fierce, powerful & sexy all in one. MMmm TASTY. 

The issues with these types of videos & music is that it's portraying images that are not socially progressive. For example: the over glorification of money which enforces this consumeristic behaviour. Also, the men have Cardi's name 'tattooed' on the back of their necks, as if they were labelled as property. And 21 Savage being held captive by a few ladies with ropes and belts. For generations, women in Hip Hop are deemed as property, so I find it pretty damn hypocritical to do the same to men and it's regressive.  And, there is obviously an issue with the over sexualization of women and the types of women & men we see in the video. Yes, she hit the mark with including dark skinned men & women, but they are all thin, fit, tall & rich. Even the men are fitting the perfect 'masculine' look, as if they are the only ones 'worthy of property'. There is nothing wrong being a sexual women, we should embrace our sexuality to the fullest and spread it! There has been a lot of progress over women feeling sexually free. But, every single video of hers is like this, just like most. We gotta keep our eyes open and our minds educated in order to deliver quality over just quantity. 


BUT FOR REAL 'drip' IS A BANGER, I FUCK W THE BEAT & HER FLOW & this is definitely a turn up track, although we still see similiar issues

Is she a stripper, a rapper or a singer?
I’m busting bucks in a Bentley Bentayga
Ride through your hood like “Bitch, I’m the mayor!”
You not my bitch, then bitch you are done
— cardi b bitch




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