Jessey Reyez uses the help of her fans to create new visuals for 'Blue Ribbon'

"All of these boys, they callin' me pretty/Who's your producer? Producer is Timmy/And I don't need nothin', I just need my whiskey/Toronto, Toronto, Toronto, my city,"


It's undeniable that Toronto's Jessie Reyez has been making a phenomenal come up and she is just going up from here. With the help of her fans, she captured all the amazing experiences during her tour this past year for her latest EP: Kiddo

On August 31, she released visuals for 'Blue Ribbon' through Billboard magazine. The video, directed by Philip Harris, shows a montage of her shows and her fans and the crazy experience you'll have at one of her concerts. I can't believe I missed her show in Toronto because it was sold out... big regrets now ngl. 

I'm so glad she used this song for this because it's very different from the other music she creates. It goes HARD as fuck, undeniably.  Her other songs are softer and have a slower beat, but this beat makes me want to start smashing things and not take shit from no one! Watch the video below: 



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