Meet Arlissa | Your New Favourite Singer

Arlissa, a talented singer and song writer from London, blew my mind away with her acoustic performances. She threw me way back to 2008 feels when all I listened to was Beyonce 'I Am Sasha Fierce' and Leona Lewis 'Spirit'. I don't even think it's necessary for me to even explain why she is one of my new favourite singers and should be yours too, it's pretty self explanatory. 

Here are a few of her acoustic performances, prepare to fall in love :D (side note: choosing which songs to include was so mf hard) 

1. hearts ain't gonna lie

This was the first song my one girl sent me, after listening to it, it hasn't been OFF repeat. The power she delivers is intoxicating; strong and filled with emotion. 

2. multiply

It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it
And don’t you say you love me when you know you’ll regret it
It’s not what we did, it’s what we didn’t
We’ve been losing time and don’t know how to admit it
— arlissa | hearts aint gonna lie
this ain’t us
so tell me why I play the game
to win or lose the same
— arlissa | multiply

Do you guys notice that in every video she starts and ends it with looking deeeep into the camera. It's like she's trying to give us this look to prepare us for the deep feels she's bout to put us in. 

3. what's it gonna be

what’s it gonna be baby
cos I don’t wanna waste no more time
what’s it gonna be baby
been chasing all the moments you hide
— arlissa | what's it gonna be



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