Couch Talk: Ab-Soul + Princess Nokia on Femininity in Hip Hop

"Words are very powerful, it's called spelling for a reason" -nokia

You all already know I'm a huge fucking Nokia fan. In fact, I think I am the BIGGEST Nokia fan. She shines light on so many interesting and important topics and discusses them with so much positivity and genuinity. Her soul is so pure. 

I love men too. Ab-soul is a legendary rapper from LA, and if you guys havent heard his album 'Control System' that released in 2012, then you need to go back and listen to it because god damn. LEGENDARY ALBUM. Find it here 

Both artists recently sat down at Galore TV's couch to converse about hip hop’s male allies, whether musicians should get political, and why Princess Nokia’s never giving up the word bitch.

Watch below: 

Conncious black and brown men and women are so magical and beautiful
— Youtube Comment | Diabla Blanca

"Me being a man, when I talk to women, the tone is different. It's usually a softer tone. You know, shake their hands nicely or give them a hung vs with the man, it's more stern. But I feel like now, I want to give the women a firm hand shake with this album" -Ab Soul



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