Sophia Taylor Releases Visuals for "BYOB" + mini Q&A



"S H E  C A N  B U Y  Y O U R  B I T C H"

Yep, you heard right. The young west African songstress releases the flashy visual for her single BYOB. Synonymous for Buy Yo Bitch, BYOB is one of the more up-tempo songs from her project 'Love So: The New Classic.' With a sound remnant of it's flaunty style, in this Art Deco - Miami inspired track produced by D Sims, Sophia lets the fellas know her time ain't cheap.

Sophia hit us with a fuckin' banger 🔥

Directed by @_CreedLife


I started singing when I was 2. My earliest memory is singing “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?” from Brandy’s Cinderella to my mom. I started recording my senior year of high school. I was always in drama club and doing talent shows. An alum was at the last show, @TurboTheGreat. He loved my set & asked me to come work. He’s in big studios working now, but I started in his home made basement studio.  

My voice matured faster than most. The way it sounds now is exactly how I sounded at 10. So I always thought it was deep. Listening to Anita Baker, Sade, and Aaliyah taught me how to control my low notes, then work my way up. Sade especially. Today, PartyNextDoor is one of my favorites because he treats his music like a whole composition. 

My father made sure I listened music other than R&B and Rap growing up so I’d listen to 70’s Rock & Classic music too. Those genres are so hands on and deep. Everything I make, I want to love every aspect of it like I love those genres. Production. Lyrics. Mix. Allat.
Music means everything to me. It’s magic. There’s nothing I can understand in this world more than it. I know it’s what I want to do with my life.

What was your favourite song to create on your project 'Love So: The New Classic.' & why?

20 East. I was in a relationship with another artist at the time & we inspired each other so much (when things were going good). One night, I was cramming on a school project & he wanted to see me, but I was like “Noooooo, I’m working.” Ten minutes later he pulled up with my favorite pack of Tropical Starburst, and I fell in LOVE. We had our ups & downs, that’s where we get songs like “Nas” & “She” from the project, but I loved his musical style too. Like I was happy to write that song, and when it came to recording, it felt magic. From the lyrics, to the adlibs, everything.

 What do you think of the music scene in ATL & what are the advantages/disadvantages of pursuing a music career in a city where much talent is coming out from? Is it overshadowing or is it collaborative & motivational? 

Atlanta’s a cool musical scene, but there’s so much more out there, so I’ve never let it define me.

It’s a bit overwhelming. I think music everywhere is. Here you have to realize and accept there’s 10 other people that want the same thing. Politics and networks can be trash, there’s a lot of disadvantages. But you can’t focus on that.

I focus on the fact that there’s so much talent out here. That my musical peers are beautiful, creative and talented & so am I. There doesn’t have to be “the one” like society makes it seem, there’s so much room for all of us to flourish. I focus on my craft, and my voice, talents, confidence and drive, because it’s beautiful.

Tell us a little about your experience filming BYOB with creative director Ty Smith ? Is there something you learned from that experience?

I’ve learned a lot. He’s talented & very creative. I don’t have a team, or any one really backing me, but I have big ideas. Every concept I thought of he helped bring that to life. I appreciated that a lot. At some point, I actually wanted a pool scene, but I ended up building a backyard set, and he brought the lights and we made it work.  A lot of video directors will show up, shoot, be done and give you whatever they want. I learned never to limit myself, because I deserve every bit of what I want. You just gotta claim it and go get it.  It took a while working on this one, but it was well worth it.



How do you want your music to impact the youth culture/ what kind of impact do you hope to leave?

’m a lover. That’s the leo in me. The number one thing I’ve made a focus on is self love and confidence. I want people to listen to my music and feel themselves- whether it’s emotionally, mentally, physically or even sexually. Music is essentially is a whole mood. A vibe, even though that word is so over used. It’s energy. That’s what I am.

Who's your power woman and why?

Cris. @CrisDaCat of RnBae Collective in Miami.

I’m into music so much, my “fallback plan” (even though I hate thinking of that) is music. I see myself helping other artists grow, the way I’m trying to build up my own career.

I admire her hustle, drive, confidence & stamina. That woman is SMART. She doesn’t let ANYONE tell her no. I love the platform she’s created, and the team she has is amazing.

Creating music is a passion of mine, but I’m in love with curating, showcasing, marketing, and branding. And Cris is the one to go to

What do you have in store for us this year? 

I’m still figuring that out, to be quite honest. But definitely more music. More visuals.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 3.38.23 PM.png
I’m just excited to create.


Keep doin great things babygirl, we SEE you! 



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