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BABIES!!!! The amount of music that releases daily is literally infinite, making what I listen to change weekly/biweekly. I listen to a few songs numerous times that week, amongst the music I listen to regularly.  I decided it was time to start sharing and making PAPPY's TOP 5 A THING! I hope this helps you guys discover new music, and it wont just be females bc we gotta give the men some love and support too! 

Ok so I think it's the gloomy weather and life in general being as unbalanced as it is, that is putting me onto feels type music. Sabrina Claudio and Jhene Aiko couldn't have released new music at a better time. Music is extremely healing, and when the vibes match your mood it can uncover hidden emotions that you've been forced to bury because there's no time to break down. But it's okay to be weak. Weakness will teach you strength, and from there, you have created another layer of shield for the next inevitable shitty thing. 

1. Frozen | Sabrina Claudio {New EP: About Time} 

2. Sativa | Jhene Aiko Ft Swae Lee {NEW Album: Trip}

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OK yes, we have the sad feels songs, but we gotta have that song that gonna make u wanna wine it in public :

3. Mi Gente | J Balvin & Willy Williams feat. BEYONCÉ

AND of course hyphy wednesday aka. song of the week has been playin constantly while i shake my lil ass around the house

4. BOB | Yung baby tate

5. ADDRESS | 24hrs [Prod. by DWN2EARTH]

Apple Music Link to Sativa :

Apple Music Link to Mi Gente:

All these artist are killin it, POWERS 


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