Jessey Finizio | #RealGood

30 year old Jessey Finizio, originally from New York, discusses her childhood and upbringing in a large yet supportive family,  a stay at home mom and how that created a sort of 'over confidence' in her life. She opens up about the manipulation and abuse she suffered through in her past relationship and how that helped shape who she is today. Lastly, she tells us about how she dreams to create a balanced life between  kids and family,  & career. 

WIPP's mission is to empower women by breaking down the barriers and shattering the glass ceiling.  We've created REAL GOOD as a platform to talk the REAL TALK, bringing forward the struggles we all face and what we're doing to #WIPPitrealgood. The more we can connect with one another as human beings, the greater the impact for us all. 



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