Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Telefone !

It's been a year since Noname released her debut album 'Telefone' on July 27, 2016. Listening to it now, is like a breath of fresh air. To celebrate the one year anniversary, we're going to take a journey through every one of her songs. 

'Telefone' takes place in a Chicago scene and the quality of life there. Her lyrics hold a grim content, but she keeps a happy tone, staying optimistic and hopeful. She does not drown in the misery. The way Noname sings, it's like she's telling a story; it's like I'm listening to some slam poetry. The music is very 70's R&B, church vibe.

Yesterday is about the death of Noname's grandmother and the deaths of many other black women and men. Yesterday is about recalling what was, remembering the smiles of the past. 

Sunny Duet is one of my favourite songs from the album. It's a fresh summer song about love. She sings about getting played, acting as a player herself, and warning anyone who comes close to her of her storming weather, trying to push them away. 

Sing with me, sing with me paranoia light blue
Piano was a deep red, your fingers were a green hue
I should make a rainbow out of sacrificial love in the club

Dippy Bop is also one of my favourites from the album, I love Raury so much. The beat in this song is lit, I really love it. This song is all about reminiscing the good times, her youth and all the mistakes that were made, making reference to the diddy bop, an iconic dance move created by none other than P. Diddy in the 90's. 

All I need is like a rebirth, quitting old habits and falling into the joys of love and dating. 

I need a ni**a to follow me to the rabbit hole
And fall in where I fall in

The title says it all, Reality Check is about opportunity knockin' and the lack of confidence and beliefs Noname has in herself and her album. 

And I could stay here forever
I could die here
I don’t have to try here

Freedom is a song about overcoming. In this one, she samples Nina Simone, in which she talks about the meaning of freedom. 

Casket pretty mourns the death of black youth, and too many babies gone. It's a dark song where she speaks on police brutality in Chicago, and the fear and injustice from those who are supposed to serve and protect.

Dont hold me, dont hold me
When ni**as is dying and dying
And I’m afraid of the dark
Blue and the white
Badges and pistols rejoice in the night

Forever is about the struggles of making it when the people around you don't want you to succeed. Noname advocates truly in believing in yourself regardless of the negativity people project towards you. 

Bye Bye Baby is a song about abortion, and the emotional turmoil that comes with it. She sings about trying to move forward, trying to find love again, and letting herself be happy again. Verse 1 is the mother's voice, verse 2 is the child's voice. 

Shadow Man is the last song from her album. This song is about death, every contributor is talking about being young, black, and talking about their own funerals. The Shadown Man is the black woman/man in America. A grim ending, with a hopeful tune. 

Thank you Noname for creating this dark yet bright masterpiece. 

You can find her album on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Spotify


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