IAMDDB is a new wave vocalist. Her sound is unique, as she harmonizes soulful jazz with hip hop beats and trap. I found her on soudcloud obvs listening to 'Leaned Out', and loved how elegantly she portrayed mega bad bitch vibes. Her voice is so gentle but her lyrics are not what you would expect a soul type artist to be singing, and I fucking love it. 

I love harmonies and I feel like the UK is lacking that vibe, I’m really proud of our music, but I don’t see people doing different music, who just want to have fun with it
— https://thenorthernquota.org/entertainment/review-iamddb

IAMDDB is an artist from Manchester, UK and has already made her wave. This summer she's currently touring Europe which I'm assuming is to now promote her new EP : Vibe, Volume 2

In an interview with The Northern Quota, IAMDDB disclosed an important aspect about herself and her music. She is a true advocate of being yourself and doing what you want. It's easy to get lost in the sauce, but for IAMDDB, being herself is important. In all her songs, and music videos, you can see how much she doesn't give a fuck, and just enjoys what she does when she vibes out. 

In Manchester everybody is moving, they keep pushing forward and releasing stuff, which is great, but we need to stay on the path of fulfilling enlightenment. Not everyone is practicing what they preach, everything you do needs to be honest
— https://thenorthernquota.org/entertainment/review-iamddb

Check out her performance for 'Back Again' and her interview with Radar Radio London below, to learn more about herself, her come up, and her plans for the future. 

You can find her on Soudcloud, Apple Music, Facebook and Instagram :)