Most Overlooked Feature And Talent : Kari Faux

When Childish Gambino dropped STN MTN/Kauai, I was already so obsessed with him in highschool. Every day I listened to Royalty and Because The Internet and read his screenplay that went with it, and you know, watched Community.... 

Well, anyways, when he dropped the album, my summer anthem immediately became 'No Small Talk ft. Kari Faux' which was a remix to her original song. 

So, everyone I know listens to Childish Gambino, and a lot of people have even heard that song, but no one was talking about Kari Faux. To this day, people still don't know who she is. The other day even, I had someone dm me about her asking if I knew her and if her music was good. And I'm just sitting here like... Have you not heard No Small Talk? This girl is fucking fire !! 

Kari Faux released 'No Small Talk' in the summer of 2014. That's when Childish heard it and re-released it for his own album. That same summer, Kari released her first EP 'Laugh Now, Die Later', produced by herself and Black Party. 

Her 9 track EP is full of dope beats, features, and insane lyrics. She even dropped a sick music video to go with her single GAHDAMN which features Gambino himself (the video starts off with the No Small Talk remix). The aesthetic for this video is dope af too. It goes from bright colours and a sunny afternoon, to dark and spooky and bad AF. Like, she's holding a fucking bazooka !!! GAHDAMN! Her Last name is Faux but she REAL AF. 

Kari moved to LA shortly afterwards, while working on her debut album 'Lost En Los Angeles'

Low key and restrained, Lost En Los Angeles depicts Kari Faux’s life in the city as a bummer fantasia, a quietly surreal trip through sounds dripped in jazz, 70s funk, and psychedelia, a sound courtesy of go-to collaborator Black Party.

She interviewed with Noisey before the release to talk about the album a bit, how it was like moving to LA and so forth. You can find the interview here.

Today, she's still out here making music, and just worked with Gambino's album 'Awaken My Love!' lending her vocals. One of my favourite songs from that album happens to be one she's featured in: 'Zombies'. 3 months ago she released the song 'Night Time', which I'm gonna link below because it's fire and shows how much her sound has grown.

Check out Kari on soundcloud, Apple Music, and Youtube

I'm also going to share the video for No Small Talk, because its FUCKING DOPE !!! You don't see music video's like this though, very creative.