SZA finally released her highly anticipated album

It's a wonderful day when you get to wake up to new music! Even better when it's coming from SZA. Ever since I heard 'Z' by SZA, I was already waiting for more. There's nothing more I can say than just listen to her album and enjoy her vibe. 

The editor's notes on 'CTRL' sums it up pretty well :

Until a late flurry of percussion arrives, doleful guitar and bass are Solána Rowe’s only accompaniment on opener “Supermodel,” stinging kiss-off to an adulterous ex. It doesn’t prepare you for the inventively abstract production that follows—disembodied voices haunting the airy trap-soul of “Broken Clocks,” “Anything”‘s stuttering video-game sonics— but it instantly establishes the emotive power of her rasping, percussive vocal. Whether she’s feeling empowered by physicality on Kendrick Lamar-assisted “Doves in the Wind” or wrestling with insecurity on “Drew Barrymore,” SZA’s song impact quickly and deeply.

You can find her album on Spotify and Apple Music !

Enjoy as much as we do, and listen to her interview with The Breakfast Club below, as she talks more in depth what every song means, and more. 


Jeneen YanesComment