Jessie Reyez Laid Down The Truth about sexism and misogyny within the industry

we are gatekeepers/spread your legs, open up/you could be famous/you know we’re holding the dreams that you’re chasing.”
— Gate keeper, jessie reyez

I knew I loved Jessie Reyez the second I heard the power in her voice. She is one talented woman. Recently, she released her first 7 track EP, Kiddo. With it, a 12 minute short film about something we don't often talk about: how women are sexualized, utilized and disregarded for their talents in the industry. 

In the short film, Gate Keeper, Jessie Reyez attends a studio party where she met well known artists and impressed them with her talent. But shit changed quickly once she realizes that she was just being used. 

"Years ago I was introduced to a big producer... The devil tempts but he doesn't win."
Years ago I was introduced to a big producer...
The devil tempts but he doesn’t win.

This is an honest problem that many women face within the industry and I give thanks to Jessie Reyez for using her platform to discuss these important issues, because although this might have taken place 5 years ago, it still happens today. Women are often expected to take off their clothes, sexualize themselves and open up their legs in order to become "successful". 

Girl tie your hair up if you wanna be a star

Thirty million people want a shot
How much would it take for you to spread those legs apart?
— gate keeper, jessie reyez

I personally believe that one of the reasons why there is a lack of female presence in the industry is the fear of being in a situation where you are asked to sell your body for an opportunity. Also, being completely dismissed for your talents and accomplishments when you do show your body. For example, I often hear people talk shit about YesJulz sayin' she only got famous because of her fat ass when we know she beeeeen workin hard and created this dope creative agency completely ran by women. 

Another example is when we went to interview Dj KillaxKels, we were asked by this man if we were on our way to change while in the elevator. When we asked him for what, he replied "aren't you girls bottle service?". This is the type of assumptions that pisses me off and just adds to the problem. Can't front though, his reaction after we said that she's the Dj and we're here doing an interview was priceless *flips hair*

Do any of y'all have stories of experiences where you encountered misogyny and sexualization?  Comment below


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