WIPP 3 Summit Recap

There is something so beautiful, inspiring and motivational about being surrounded by strong and creative women.

WIPP created a successful platform that spreads knowledge through impactful events and online content; focused on mental health, body image, career cultivation and sexuality

photo from: http://www.wipptoronto.com/w3spictures/gibqcclgq542iqtbo8g25r6cdvmqjj  Left to Right:  Bianca Harris ,  Adwoa Aboah ,  Melody Ehsani ,  Shan Boodram

photo from: http://www.wipptoronto.com/w3spictures/gibqcclgq542iqtbo8g25r6cdvmqjj

Left to Right: Bianca Harris, Adwoa Aboah, Melody Ehsani, Shan Boodram

I have never been to an event like this, so I was honestly shook when I saw the positive impact all the panelists and StyleLike U had on this room filled with women. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was there to learn, listen and support one another without a single judgement. It was such a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere from all ends as the crowd was able to ask personal questions and discuss specific topics with the panelists. It was extremely insightful for me, mostly as a new female entrepreneur wanting to strengthen and progress my creative abilities in the industry.

Seeing and learning from successful coloured women spreads hope and motivation to continue to pursue dreams, whatever they might be. Honestly, all I could think about was "Maybe that'll be me up there one day", and I'm sure I was not the only one amongst the crowd. 

I created a mini recap of the wonderful panel and the important topics they discussed with the live footage we captured

1. Get to know the panelist: Adwoa, Melody and Shan

Live clip to recap on who the panelists are and what they do with captivating ice breaker questions. @WIPPTORONTO 

2. Gurls Talk: using your platform 

It would be lazy for me not to use my platform for some sort of good
— adwoa aboah

What inspired gurls talk and the importance of using your platform for good @WIPPTORONTO

3, Melody and Adwoa discuss their failures and viewing them as positive                                                   experiences

4. Shan discusses being small goal oriented

5. Modelling and mental health 

6. How to move away from social norms and step towards doing what you love

I'd like to thank Bianca Harris, founder of WIPP and her team for successfully executing their third powerful event. We need more and more of this, I can not wait to see this get bigger. Keep doin' what you're doin', it has a huge impact. 


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