Cassandra Even-Hen

Upon meeting Cassandra’s Instagram page, you are welcomed with art and beauty in many forms. From photographing people, to the things she sees and then to the clipart she creates, every form of her art is unique and conspicuous. It sparks curiosity to the ones who have never seen her page, and wonder for those who already follow.  

            When we first found her page, we instantly became inspired. And I also have to say that it’s my favourite Instagram by far (huge fangirl over here lol). Seeing anyone follow their dreams, and sharing them with the world is just inspiring in itself. And seeing what the mind can create is astounding, and leaves me dazed.  

            We recently contacted Cassie to ask a few questions about herself, her art and her recent feature on PACE, an Ottawa Independent Magazine. Here’s what we learned :

My name is Cassandra Even-Hen but people call me Cassie for short. I am born and raised in Ottawa. I am presently completing my Art History degree at uOttawa. Ever since I could remember, I always had a big interest for the arts. Since the age of three years old, my parents enrolled me into ballet class and ever since then, I have found various ways of expressing myself including; dance, painting, singing, playing the piano, making collages and photography. At the moment, I am primarily focusing on visual art (photography and collages). I am a self-taught visual artist so they’re many challenges but it’s fun figuring things out yourself... to me anyway.
— Cassandra Even-Hen
First and foremost, I have to say that I love Instagram. As an artist and for many others such as myself, this worldwide public platform has given us the opportunity to showcase our artworks on a larger scale free of charge. It’s awesome ! To answer your question, I really just want people to see my work as well as connect with a wide range audience. Whether it’s a young couple looking for a wedding photographer or an art admirer.
— Cassandra Even-Hen
It’s an incredible honour to be featured in such a dope Ottawa magazine [@PaceMag] ! I love what Pace is doing for the art culture in Ottawa.
This is my 3rd time getting published in the last couple of years and I would have never imagined that possibility 6 years ago when I started photography. This definitely gives me more motivation and hope to succeed as a visual artist. I create art that I like with no intention to impress anyone. So the fact that someone else likes my stuff is a weird but good feeling.
— Cassandra Even-Hen

Thank you Cassie !  

Check out her Instagram here :)

And also visit her website where you can see more of her work, and also buy some of her pieces !  


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