Kali Uchis, Our Creative Colombian Soul

            The first time I heard Kali, I was watching her music video for “Loner”. Not only did her aesthetic blow me away, but right away I could tell what kind of vibe she had and it captivated me. Her voice is very unique and when I found her, it was just like when I had found Lana Del Rey; I was amazed in every sense.

I totally missed her Por Vida days, but what I love more than her music is her persona. I love the way she carries herself; how she isn’t afraid to dress how she wants and doesn’t conform to society.

Kali is basically walking art. She puts all her energy into directing, editing, writing, and designing her art and merch. All by herself. Have you seen her music videos? They are very beautiful. On her website, she wrote “I share it in hopes that someone can take something from it”, and at the end of the day, that’s really all that matters.

Kali has worked with Tyler The Creator, Daniel Ceasar, Snoop Dog and even Vince Staples. She is definitely on her way to getting the recognition and come-up she deserves.

In an interview with “The Lily Mercer Show”, Kali mentions some important norms for women within the industry and society when it comes to working with males and how that affects the portrayal of women.

Check out the interview below and also her music video for “Loner”! 



Paige Martensen