I love staying up to date with my favourite female rappers by following them on all their social media, but Twitter is where I find all the hidden gems frfr. 

And one of my fav's that I follow is CupcakKe. Her social media presence and fanbase is phenomenal! I have never seen so much love towards a female rapper before. 

Not only is she the motherfuckin' caption queen, she is so humble, confident, colorful and most importantly sex positive. 


Elizabeth Harris, aka CupcakKe, has changed the game with sexual positivity. She's out here teaching women of all ages that being sexual, and having sexual feelings, is okay. Mainstream society and social media often shame women for being open about their sexualities and often suppress the sexual emotions we feel and teaches us to hide, which is really unhealthy. As soon as women start talking about anything related to sex and masturbation; shit hits the fan. Now, CupcakKe is changing all that with her music. 

Her song, "Vagina", opened up the doors to her career but "Deepthroat" became the song for all sexual beings. 

One day, I was listening to ‘My Neck, My Back’ by Khia and just in the mood and horny,” she says of an early influence on her lyrical expressions of pleasure. “I was like ‘Oh yeah, I’m gonna write something that’s sexual to get it out.’
— CucakKe with Rolling Stone

However, CupcakKe still faces backlash for that song, and people often undermine her talent, her flow, and her raps, because of it. I personally don't find a problem with the song, if anything its one of my motherfucking anthem's. 

But CupcakKe has grown since her first two singles, and is so much more than that song. Since her first hit, she's released two mixtapes and two studio albums. She writes about political issues, sexual assault, LGBT policies, and racism. You can see this in her album "Audacious". That album is so versatile, there is a song for everyone and everything. 

I never get comfortable. I never get comfortable. All I do is write.
— CupcakKe for Out

My second favourite quality of cupcakKe is her humbleness. ElizaBITCH GIVES THE FUCK BACK !! What a fucking queen !!! She helps all her fans in need and her reason's for doing so got me startruckk. 

Two years ago, before my ITunes account, I didn’t have a penny in my bank account. I was broke as fuck, and when I made my ITunes songs and everyone supported me— it’s their money. You know some rappers be flashing all their money. That’s not me. I be like, the fans gave you the money so why not give something [back] if they in need? Y’all put money in my account so why I wouldn’t I help you out?
— CupcakKe for Out

Today, CupcakKe is still our here being the flawless queen she is and is dropping A NEW ALBUM ON JANUARY 5TH. YOU HEARD ME RIGHT !!!

Her album "Ephorize" drops January 5th, I suggest you stop sleeping on cupcakKe and check that shit out when it releases. 



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