Together, karysma's growling vocals and Rosie Monday's electric flow form LiAR, a Lion & A Rose. Don't let the name misguide you. Their self-titled debut EP meets at the intersection of R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae and global sound to speak nothing but truth.

Through expressions in love, lust, heartbreak and lessons learned, karysma constructs an introspective atmosphere punctuated by Rosie's striking verses. Exploring their past interactions with "interpretative honesty", the best friends have heard it all and have something to say: "You a liar." Truth is, we all have those moments where misunderstanding becomes missed understanding because we wouldn't shut the fuck up. 

Text just go, yes or no/ 
Is I’m what you’re looking for/ 
I just wonder if you feel the same way/
Let it go, head to toe, take me I’m medicinal/ 
Temporary take your pain away,
— karysma opens on 'Play' - LiAR's debut single - wasting no time priming listeners for an emotive journey through conflicted perspectives, honest communication, and tempered expectations.
Imma need every part of my damn self/ I can’t help nobody that ain’t good for my health/ that ain’t good for no one knowing what I know/ now I’m better on my own, you better to move on
— proclaims Rosie Monday as she bounces through her verse with fierce precision.

The message is obvious: get on the same page or everyone gets hurt. No exceptions. 

LiAR doesn't make love songs. They highlight the questions we often forget to ask before gushing, "Baby, this is our song!" Tracks like Play and Fucklove parody the hookup culture and its shady ass lack of mutual understanding. "Fucklove baby keep me in mind/ Minding our relation may not last a long time/ Long as we get what we came here for," fires karysma, knowing all too well, it's never that simple. When they're not challenging the state of relationships, songs like Collide and Empress channel LiAR's AfriCaribbean roots and connection to rhythm. Rosie emanates global appeal with lines like, "Ola, wassup, wah gwan, how you doin', how you deh, ete-san/ I'm just saying that I'm fluent, how you wan do dis?" With Rosie Monday, it's more statement than question. 

Through every sound and vibe, this project strikes a fierce dedication to the appreciation of women and their relationship journey. karysma makes it clear, "Empress, you so damn independent/ Bod gyal, mek dem kneel at attention/ No, dem can't compete fi affection/ Talk bod, walk bod, walk past, look back, back shot." The world is hers. The Lion owns this chapter, but the Rose owns the story. Though humble in size, her passion is the future of an inspired generation. He is simply a fierce protector of that truth.


You A LiAR



L I S T E N   T O   A   L I O N   A N D   A   R O S E ' S   N E W   S O N G   P L A Y !!

Check out what Rosie Monday has to say about their debut single and what they're all about :

1. How did you and karysma meet and decide to start your group 'Lion and a Rose'? 

We met over 8 years ago - creating music, sharing experiences, and celebrating triumphs and heart break together. Through it all, we became best friends; more like brother and sister. Our shared passion, authenticity, pursuit of growth, and love for each other makes working together a consistent development process. We push each other to be greater and aren't afraid to share criticism. The honesty and willingness to learn from and communicate with one another takes our music to a deeper and more introspective place, knowing we've found a safe space for expression in each other. We aren't afraid to speak the truth and won't get caught up shifting the narrative for a sense of commercial success. Combining our love of R&B, Hip Hop, and Reggae, we wanted to cultivate a sound that connects with our global and Toronto roots, references vintage musical works, expands on the modern sound landscape, and pays respect to the artists who took these risks before us.

2. When is your debut EP 'LiAR' due to release and how many tracks will we be expecting?

There is no definitive date for the release of our self-titled debut project. Rather, we're focusing on singles with releases scheduled for November 23, New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day. Between those dates, we will be launching new digital media content. With the release of 'Play’, we can gauge initial interest and continue to develop a release plan that exceeds our fans and supporters expectations while providing space for creative growth.

karysma x Rosie Monday

karysma x Rosie Monday

3. What is 'Play' about and what's the inspiration behind it?

'Play' is a conversation. No, 'Play' is the conversation. The uncomfortable moments. The frustrated voices. The awkward silences before we decide how honest we are. It's the pursuit of, "what the fuck are we?" Is this love? Seeing where it goes? Just casual? None, or all of the above? Fuck you. That blurry space between truth and lies where we too often hover, giving way to miscommunication. Opening up to misguided pleasures. Falling on broken wings. Fuck you.

We've shared so many relationship experiences; from tears, to smiles, to just wanting to give the fuck up. Every one of those experiences inspired us to write about relationships and encourage a wider discussion on what love really is. Getting away from the feeling of it and focusing on the function. What love does versus what it feels like. If we're having these conversations, who else is? We want to create a connection with them. We feel like our music can get people talking about intentions, expectations, and motivations before diving in, heart first.

4. How do you two hope to influence the music scene and youth culture?

Like this: Dear fuck [insert gender identity here], take a long hard look in the mirror. You're not a savage, you've been hurt. That person isn't easy, you're manipulating them. It's not that they misunderstood, it's that you misguided. Stop with the fake shit. You're only projecting that pain on everyone around you. That only serves to create an atmosphere of judgement and self-hate.

Truly, we hope to encourage an atmosphere of introspection and constructive criticism that balances growth and expression in relationships of all types. We want communication, honesty and trust to be requirements before you sign up, not things you complain about afterwards because you fell in lust before you defined love.

5. If you could give a piece of advice to any creative wishing to pursue their endeavours, what would it be?

Be true to yourself up to the point where your truth doesn't inflict unnecessary hurt on others. Being real isn't being an ass. Being an ass is being an ass and there is no overlap. Don't be a shit person and post every meme saying something like, “Be yourself.” They weren't made for you. Don't let everyone into your creative process and wonder why you can't be alone. You begged for the attention.

Basically, know who you are and continuously commit yourself to mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. Accept that sometimes, You A LiAR, mostly to yourself. Redefine a path toward honest acceptance. Recognize what you have to offer and don't fear your shortcomings or compare them to others. Work to close those gaps rather than closing your mind to them. Be aware of how often we trap ourselves in tiny boxes. Know that collaboration and collective individuality will help you escape. You are the captain of your ship, but you ain't in the sea alone.

Thank you LiAR !!

You can listen to 'play' on soundcloud, itunes, spotify and tidal !



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