JANUARY 21, 2017

Let's flashback to January 21, 2017 , which marks a very important day in history.


Because women from across the globe came together to fight for and to defend women’s rights. But it’s not just women. Men, boys, immigrants, lgbtq+, people of colour, people with disabilities, religious communities, etc., all came together in response to Donald Trump’s Inauguration as the 45th President of the United States. Many minorities are still being threatened in their own homes—their own countries, because of a racist, misogynistic President who has a hateful agenda. 

And many influential female artists were out there with the rest of the world making history, making sure their voices were being heard.

Princess Nokia was out marching the protest through @smartgirlsclub and herself to fight for proper sexual health care and basic human rights.


Willow Smith was also out protesting that day for women’s rights.  

Savages for human rights. 

Tinashe was marching for her voice to be heard, advocating equal pay, black lives matter, supporting lgbtq+, etc. 

Even Raven B. Verona was taking part and documenting the Woman's March. 

UPDATE: 9:55pm - Rihanna dabbing, and advocating pro-choice. 

On this day, everywhere I look I see women loving women, women supporting women, and women loving themselves. There are many reasons people were out on that day protesting and marching to have their voices heard. No matter the cause, every single message is important and we must stand together and keep standing together to fight for equality of all kinds. 


Paige Martensen