Solange Knowles and Visual Representation

The other day I was watching Solange’s performance of a “RISE/WEARY” Medley on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. It took me back to when she released her third studio album, A Seat at The Table, in September 2016 and the beautiful visuals she released not too long after.


A Seat at The Table is a document of the struggles black women face in today’s world, and her search for answers. The main themes she projects are of independence, empowerment, identity, grief and healing. Her visuals for “Cranes In The Sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair” are a very important part of her album. They aid in the overall storytelling of her project, and they portray powerful images of black men and women, which we don’t often get to see.   


“I wanted to express an almost stately look for black men and women, because I feel like historically we haven’t been put in the most regal or majestic context,” she told Vogue. “I set out to create that in the album sonically, and I wanted that to carry through in the visuals as well. My husband, Alan, and I wanted to represent black sisterhood, strength, pride, and elevate the black man and all of his beauty and glory. This was our way of contributing to that narrative.”


Here are the visuals we’d like to share again that captivated us and the world (because I legit love to watch them everyday) : 





Paige Martensen