Presenting Babypink

It wasn’t until around summer '15 that I got into hip-hop, like, a lot. I had a soundcloud that I used mostly for edm, but then I decided to dedicate it to rap music. That’s when Jae and I discovered the massive underground world of hip-hop within soundcloud and many of the dope, lowkey famous artists. (but just lowkey) 

Last summer, Jae actually came up with this amazing idea for a collective to promote these artists. But we don’t want just any artists, we want females. The girls that go unnoticed within the industry because guys seem to be more hype. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've heard some sick shit from guys, but I've heard equally as great and sometimes even better from girls. 

Our collective has one goal: to promote and market women’s achievements within a male dominant hip-hop industry. We want to bring together all the dope ass female artists, photographers, videographers, digital artists, any girl we can feature.

BabyPink Website Launch Follow us on: Twitter and Instagram: @babypinkcollective SnapChat: @hyphyxpappy Soundcloud:

Just look at YesJulz. She has somehow managed through social media to change the game. Julz created an agency under her name, through her snapchat, working together with females to market and promote within the industry seemingly overnight. She has become a huge inspiration to Babypink with #1AMVIBES and #NeverNotWorking getting us on our grind. I mean, we finna eat too, you feel me? There’s a huge community of females and we’re ready to kick-ass to help them get the recognition they deserve.

Taken from @yesjulz on instagram

Taken from @yesjulz on instagram

Salma Slims was one of the first female rappers we found on Soundcloud. Her first mixtape, “Diary of Salma Slims” introduced us to the world of female rap and how she grew up in Atlanta as an Islamic girl. Sure, we all listen to Nicki Minaj, and have heard a lot from other artists, but what else do we know about them? Hip-hop is a lifestyle, through music we can learn a lot about a rapper’s come-up, the struggles they faced within the hip-hop culture and scene, and their achievements of today. A girls presence in the hip-hop culture is still fairly small, and there are many female artists we know nothing about. Salma's debut mixtape is a fresh feel within hip-hop, giving us a closer look on her life, growing up as an immigrant and well, basically her come-up as an artist. Take a listen to Slims mixtape below and check out her vibes:

Every Hyphy Wednesday, we will be posting our favourite song of the week as it can sometimes get very overwhelming to discover new artists through playlists. We will also have Freaky Fridays, where we will post a playlist to vibe to every week, containing a wide range of dope songs by females. 

Find Salma Slims, Kodie Shane, Chynna, Young Ma, and other females featured on our upcoming zine due to release this year. Also, stay tuned for more articles on some of the artists that have inspired us the most. We’d love to work with as many people as possible wanting to help in promoting these ladies and more, so feel free to give us a message at


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